Operating Concept

The operating concept of the EDAG wheelchair loading device

Elegant, safe and fast. Simply press a button on the instrument panel, and the rear door (converted into a parallel swing door) opens fully automatically. The EDAG system comes to a halt at an angle of approx. 45° beside the driver's door, within reach of the driver. This process takes just 12 seconds.

You then lock the folded wheelchair safely into place in the handle retainers with the sliding handles. This does not call for a great deal of strength - even somebody with limited use of their hands and fingers can secure the wheelchair in a matter of seconds.

Press the button again for the wheelchair to move into its final position behind the driver's seat and the door to close automatically. The loading process, too, takes just 12 seconds, and can be interrupted in any position simply by releasing the switch. As the wheelchair is stored inside the vehicle, it is always a comfortable temperature, even in the winter.

The compact, intelligent design also ensures that three to four seats can be retained (depending on vehicle type). A stable wall separates the driver from the wheelchair.

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